Blue Ribbon – Raggio wins at state fair for artwork

Blue Ribbon – Raggio wins at state fair for artwork

by Joy Gipson

PUEBLO — Long time Trinidad resident and local artist, John Raggio, of One Raggio! Avant Garde Art Gallery, 108 S. Commercial Street, found his hard work, determination and persistence paid off at this year’s Colorado State Fair, where he took home both a first place blue ribbon and a second place ribbon for artwork that he entered in the fair.

Last year, Raggio’s art entries didn’t win any recognition and, as he was packing it up to take home, he vowed to himself, “Next year I’m going to be packing up ribbons with my stuff.” Raggio, a master of turning UFO’s (Unique Found Objects) into unique art, a sculptor, and also a poet, entered two sculpted art forms into the competition and won a first place award. He entered an acrylic painting and an abstract, 3D kinetic painting/sculpture piece that turns, allowing the viewer to observe it from different perspectives. This piece won a second place award.

Raggio says about his art, “When one contemplates it long enough, abstract becomes real if you allow it to.” At close scrutiny, you can see the realism amid the abstract.