Career criminal receives 30 years on plea deal

Career criminal receives 30 years on plea deal

by Bill Knowles

TRINIDAD — Clark Newman Potter came to a plea deal with the District Attorney on July 26.

The two cases involved in the deal arise from two different burglaries Potter committed in 2017. Potter plead guilty on the second count of conspiracy to commit second degree burglary, a class 4 felony, and guilty on count 3 of first degree criminal trespass, a class 5 felony in one case. In the second case, Potter plead guilty to an amended count 1 conspiracy to commit second degree burglary, a class 5 felony. According to a press release from the DA’s Office, Potter will receive a 30 year sentence, the longest such sentence handed out by the Third Judicial District in two decades for prosecutions not involving a homicide or attempted homicide.

Potter’s record of burglaries and thefts goes back to 2005, with a conviction for theft of $500 to $1,500 in El Paso County. He has plead guilty to at least nine cases involving burglary, forgery of a check or other financial instrument on two different occasions, theft of services over $1,500, escape from felony conviction, ID theft, and at least three burglary convictions including the current ones.

The prosecution, along with the court, and the defense all concurred with the plea deal and at the time didn’t add any prison time from the habitual criminal act.

This continues the action of plea deals and case dismissals, which the DA alleges is due to lack of proper funding caused by incorrect appropriations by the county based on the revenues garnered by voter approved proposition 1-A.

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