Cook-outs galore celebrating Springer High School’s A grade

Cook-outs galore celebrating Springer High School’s A grade

by Sherry Goodyear

SPRINGER — It was a time for celebrating at Springer schools. First, the Springer Elementary Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) sponsored a back-to-school barbecue on Tuesday, August 28 at 6:00 pm to welcome children back to school, to foster a positive relationship with parents and teachers alike, and to encourage parents to get involved with the PAC. School board member, Robert Tafoya and H.S. English teacher, Kris Otto grilled the burgers and hotdogs as kids and parents engaged in jovial conversations, eager to catch up after summer break.

Then, on Wednesday August 29 at noon, the Town of Springer and the Springer Chamber of Commerce sponsored a barbecue commemorating Springer High School’s receipt of an “A” grade from the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) on its 2018 report card. This A-grade is a difficult status for schools to earn, and the only other school in the north eastern district to receive this coveted grade was Des Moines High School. According to the Springer High School website, the school still has two areas where it needs improvement: “(1) Are students performing on grade level?; and (2) Are the lowest performing students improving more or less than expected?” With that being said, the school is excited to maintain what it has achieved while it makes strides to address and improve in these two areas, and the community is thrilled to celebrate its accomplishment.

The A-grade barbecue was held in the Springer football stadium, and all Springer school children, K-12, spent the afternoon eating burgers, hotdogs, cotton candy, and other delectable treats. In addition, the kids got some “fun in the sun” playing on the field in bouncy houses the school provided as well as in an obstacle course provided by the New Mexico National Guard.

Volunteers from the Springer Chamber of Commerce and City Hall grilled the hamburgers and hotdogs that fed roughly 300 people. In fact, numerous volunteers made the barbecue possible, including International Bank, Walmart in Trinidad, Margaret Brashear, Aviands Food Service, Joey Brashear, Christina Vigil, Crossroads gas station, and Shannon Portillos, just to name a few. Other volunteers served the food to the multitude of kids and townspeople who joined in to celebrate the occasion.

A-grades, barbecues, kids, community involvement, and positivity – what a great way to kick off the school year.