FNB New Mexico Youth Pet Show

FNB New Mexico Youth Pet Show

by Sherry Goodyear

SPRINGER — Everyone knows that fairs are a time for 4-H and FFA kids to show off their livestock, but for kids who don’t belong to these groups, the Youth Pet Show sponsored by FNB New Mexico (FNB NM) out of Raton which is held during the Colfax County Fair is an awesome opportunity for any kid fourteen and under to show off his or her special pet.

This year’s Youth Pet Show was held directly following the Colfax County Fair’s annual bar-b-que meal on Saturday, August 11. Volunteers from the Raton Branch of FNB NM included Senior Vice President, Donna Klassen who emceed the event. Photographing the event was Assistant V.P. Phalysha Kennedy and checking in participants included Emy Cardini, Janice Garrett, and from the Angel Fire office – Susan Peterson and Alicia Pettigrew.

There were eight candidates in this year’s contest, and the pets they brought were an eclectic combination of rabbits, dogs, and a kitten. Klassen interviewed each child about his or her pet while judges, Diana Best, Barbara Bonahoom and Lita Bernal had the difficult task of deciding which adorable child and his or her unique pet were the winners of this year’s event.

All children who entered the contest were presented with a bag of goodies, and the top three winners were given the added bonus of a $25 scratch pad which is a small, bound books of twenty-five pristine one-dollar bills. This year’s three winners in no particular order were: Allison Petrini and her Cur dog, Gerdy; Sophia Blevins and her black and grey kitten, Corn Dog; and Joseph Goodnight and his white Lionhead rabbit, Luna. It was a fun time for all who entered. See more Colfax County Fair results on pages 28- 29.

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All the contestants with FNBNM Bank employees waiting to hand out gift bags. The winners were Joseph Goodnight with his white Lionhead rabbit, Luna (center), Allison Petrini and her Cur dog, Gerdy (tan dog fifth from left), and Sophia Blevins and her cat, Corn Dog (far left). Photo by Sherry Goodyear