H.L. Bowman for Las Animas County Clerk & Recorder

H.L. Bowman for Las Animas  County Clerk & Recorder

by H.L. Bowman

LAS ANIMAS —Who is H.L. Bowman? Am I the right person for Las Animas County Clerk and Recorder? I believe I am and with your help, I will make a difference in the clerk’s office.

Bringing life experience in to government positions brings not only fiscal responsibility but leadership skills necessary to bring the county to another level. I will do this by not just “saying” the voters and the public are my boss, but actually functioning as an employee to them. Unfortunately, small town races are often popularity contests and not about what is best for the office and community.

Customer service is my priority and in a world where this virtue has gone by the way side, I am going to change that. Leadership is not about manipulation; Leadership is about Inspiration!

At the candidates forum, the current clerk said she is only using 50% of her budget. A budget is money allocated to the office so it can run properly. It is great to save money but not at the expense of taxpayers. Poor customer service, checks not cashed in a timely manner, missing paperwork and the lack of responsibility is something I will correct. I will raise the standard.

Because of my experience in the business world, I am qualified to make those corrections.

I was a union steward and manager at King Soopers, a foreman for many big electrical projects and have also helped run two different non-profit organizations. I currently raise cattle and quarter horses. My goal is to leave a legacy for my 18 month old son.

My name is H.L. Bowman and I thank you for your vote as the next Las Animas County Clerk and Recorder. I encourage everyone to be informed, participate and vote!

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