Hope, the rebirth has begun in Cimarron Canyon

Hope, the rebirth has begun in Cimarron Canyon

by Marty Mayfield

KRTN Multi-Media

CIMARRON CANYON — A trip through Cimarron Canyon these days shows a stark difference to the scene of only a few months ago when the Ute Park Fire devastated the area and left it looking like a scene out of a sci-fi movie.

On Saturday the canyon was showing signs of regrowth and rebirth as grasses, wild flowers and other vegetation such as wild grape vines, wild roses and the ever-present oak brush has retaken the areas that were expected to be barren for years to come. The rains have reshaped the landscape as rock and other debris has been washed down the hillside into the Cimarron River. With less vegetation to hold the rain water, flooding has occurred along the river and in some places rerouted the flow of water.

Fall will soon recolor the landscape as the vegetation begins to take on its fall color. Along the canyon there is already some signs of the change coming as some of the wild roses and wild grape vines are turning a deep red. The oak brush will soon begin its fall color change which should provide a spectacular sight as it contrast the golds and reds against the charred wood of the trees and oaks.

Above left:Fall colors begin to show in a sea of green in an area of Cimarron Canyon that was untouched by the Ute Park Fire only a few months ago. Above right: The green vines and wild rose are a stark contrast to the blackened tree behind them in Cimarron Canyon only a few months after the Ute Park Fire devastated the area. Photos by Holly Mayfield.


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