Letters to the editor part 2, September 6, 2018

Letters to the editor part 2, September 6, 2018

Change, part 1

On June 17, 2018 my world changed forever.  My youngest daughter, Quanisha Nicole Baros, became one of thousands lost to the heroin problem sweeping our country.

Stopping this plague is widely discussed by not only people in our community, but nationwide.

In our small community it is fairly obvious who our dealers are, yet getting law enforcement to pursue getting them off the streets is nearly impossible..

If I, a citizen, can follow these people around and make them nervous, why can’t our sheriff’s officers? They could make arrests based upon information given to them by people like myself who are quite aware of what is going on in our city, however, they don’t.

After speaking to our sheriff numerous times, I’m tired of hearing, “We don’t have the funds, the manpower, and the time.”  The sheriff himself stated, “The DA plea bargains all of his cases out.” The DA says, “I can’t prosecute the cases due to inadequate performances on the sheriff’s department’s part, and also the county commissioners transferred a portion of my funding to the sheriff’s department which leaves me short.”

It has become painfully clear to me that the sheriff does not have a working relationship with the DA, which is a great disservice to Huerfano County.

What upsets me the most is the total lack of integrity on the part of our EMS, sheriff’s department, and emergency room staff in handling of cases like my daughter’s.

I have spoken to all of them, and fought to gather all the reports possible, and found the sheriff’s department to be very unwilling to work with me.

After many attempts, I was able to get a portion of the body camera videos, unfortunately, the one I was given was quite obviously edited, and the other one was missing due to the captain “forgetting” to turn his on when he arrived on the scene.

God Bless our community,


~Jose R. Baros Walsenburg, CO

Editor’s note: Part two of Baros’ letter will run in next week’s World Journal


Always buy Walsenburg

This is in response to Shannon Johnson’s letter in the August 30 issue of the WJ. You should be thankful to the local restaurant owners who are buying local and are supporting the local economy.

If you are upset you can’t get hamburger logs when you shop, then perhaps change the time you go into the store? Both markets in town have enough inventories to mostly keep the shelves stocked. Ask the butcher to get some out of the back. Problem solved!

I would rather go and support those businesses that support the local economy and have a fresh hamburger than a frozen burger which has been cryofrozen for who knows how long. Remember, the owners who buy here ARE LOCAL.

If you haven’t gotten my point- SHOP LOCAL.

~David Tesitor Walsenburg