Primero school board talks construction, audit, and more

Primero school board talks construction, audit, and more

by Ruth Stodghill

PRIMERO — The Primero School Board held a regular monthly school board meeting at 5:30 pm on August 21 in order to discuss financials, ongoing construction, and staffing updates.

Cody Knoblock from the architectural firm Wold A&E presented information regarding construction at the school. “Not much has changed since we last met three weeks ago regarding the budget, except we made a placeholder for cafeteria tables and chairs as well as a maintenance lift, which has reduced the district’s contingency fund. Right now though, we are doing only what is essential to get everything ready for the first day of school. Then, we will reassess.”

One ongoing problem is that new furniture for the secondary classrooms may not arrive before the start of school on September 10. Knoblock states the backup plan is to use furniture the district already owns for the week or so it may take for the new furniture to arrive.

Knoblock explained that the state inspection for the issuance of a temporary certificate of occupancy will be on August 29.

In staff reports, Principal Blake Byall said that he has updated screening for out-of-district students, which comprise roughly 60% of the student population, to include a mandatory interview. “It’s still an ongoing process, but we’re almost wrapped up. With the new blood that’s coming in, the quality is there,” he said.

Financial director Eric Davies presented information on the recent audit. “Last year, we overspent by approximately $400,000. Of that, $150,000 is the result of uncollected taxes, which will be coming in. We have four staff who are not returning this year, and we are not filling those positions, which will save $190,000. And we have changed our insurance, which will save another $60,000-$90,000. So we have already taken the steps needed to break even this year in terms of revenue and expenses.”

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In action items, the school board awarded the bid for painting the townhomes and community center to Henderson Brothers for $11,500.

In order to accommodate ongoing construction at the school site, the board passed a resolution to amend the 2018-2019 school calendar to reflect the late start of school on September 10, along with the addition of four Fridays to make up for the late start.

The board also approved two change orders to H.W. Houston, the first in the amount of $400,745.90, and the second for $47,674.00.

The final action items of the evening included the passage of a resolution to publish a bid for resurfacing the track, as well as the approval of Lisa Morelos as student council sponsor, Kyle Navarette as assistant high school football coach, and Kristen Alfonso as Title 9 coordinator for the upcoming school year.

The next school board meeting was set for September 18 at 5:30 pm.