Raton’s pirates and mermaids

Raton’s pirates and mermaids

by Carol Bridge

RATON — The Santa Fe Opera School for the Performing Arts presented Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ at the Shuler Sunday, July 22 to an appreciative crowd. Music, swashbuckling and subtle class satire (as only the British can do) entertained theater goers. The talented cast of pirates, soldiers, mermaids, coppers, and of course the Major General himself gave a fun and well rehearsed performance. Director Sara Kowalski, along with Bill Crary (musical director) , Melanie Alderette (stage manager), Carol Crary (set), Darci Oldroyd (costumes), Lucas Jansen (sound) and Daniel Reid (lighting) supported these talented young people to put on a first rate comedy in the beautiful Shuler.

What a wonderful opportunity for local young people to experience being part of a stage production of this caliber! There were over 20 budding actors and actresses in the cast and from the Modern Major General (Morgan Oldroyd) to the smallest mermaid, they all met their marks and not only remembered their lines but created a little world that has been entertaining audiences for over a hundred years. Each and every one of them deserves a mention… Marshall Oldroyd, Mateo Apodaca, Morgan Oldroyd, Zander Osborn, Zoe Elliot, Asia Gentry, Sydney Elliott, Ivy Brown, Rae Schor, Carolina Apodaca, Nate Hebron, Tyler Neurauter, Allen Dominguez, Logan Elliott, Bryen Wallace, Kahler Osborn, Avery Taylor, David Valdez, Christian Padilla, Nicky Osborn, Isabelle Oldroyd, Chiara Martinez, Harper Tayler, Rhyannon Wallace and Keeley Maples.

Special thanks to the Whited Foundation, The George Macaron Family Foundation and the William H. & Kathryn T. Darden Foundation for supporting such a community asset as the Shuler and providing a place for young people to perform.

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Swashbucking fun at the Shuler in Raton. Photo by Kenny Cruz