Springer’s animal ordinance committee — working for the humane treatment of animals

Springer’s animal ordinance  committee — working for the  humane treatment of animals

by Lillian Eva Lieske

SPRINGER — The Springer Animal Ordinance Committee is hard at work to fix a very outdated set of rules that residents have not been complying with.

The town’s current animal ordinance (AO) has several archaic rules and this committee is doing their best to go section by section to remedy this situation. This has been the topic of constant discussion not only by residents but, at town council meetings.

The committee is a group of residents chaired by Mayor Pro Tem Rebecca Ramirez. This group has come together to amend these specific sections for our furry & feathery friends. Much if, not all of the sections of the current ordinance needs serious re-working to make it reasonable and humane for all in the town.

At a recent event in town, the committee put out a flyer with a baggie of dog treats as a reminder that these are the current rules and, they need to be followed. Until the final AO draft can be finalized and presented to town council to be voted on, residents have to abide by these rules. Since the movie event had a similar subject, (Family Movie Night was showing “The Secret Life of Pets”), this was a great opportunity to let residents know of the in-place AO.

With a little luck the committee can finalize the sections and put in place for the good of the residents but especially for Springer’s friends no matter if they are canine,feline, swine, foul and equine.

If you have any questions on the current animal ordinance currently in place and how to get your animals registered and in compliance, please contact Springer Town Hall for more information.

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