Tennessee heads for Tevis

Tennessee heads for Tevis

One horse, one rider, 100 miles, one day

LA VETA — Tennessee Lane graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in molecular biology and did research on tuberculosis at one of the National Institute of Health labs near Fort Collins, but the field of equine-endurance has become her occupation and her passion.

Lane is the founder and manager of the “SOCO Endurance,” equine-races near La Veta, but has not participated as a rider in those races. Instead, she has been racing in other, nationwide races. On July 28, Lane will be a rider in the world-reknowned, “Tevis Cup,” a 100-mile one-day race from Robbie Park (near Lake Tahoe) to Auburn, CA (near Sacramento).

Many are astonished that a horse can go that far in one day, but, in fact, they can. In fact, humans run the same trail, “The Western States Trail,” in less time because humans don’t stop for a veterinarian-check-up and to rest, drink, and eat every 25 miles as these horses do.

This year, Lane will ride Bluff, the horse she herself trained. Last year, she won the same race on Ali Farwah. Lane had been asked to ride “Far” by the family of the previous, deceased owner.

Last year, La Veta’s Tennessee Lane and Ali Farwah, won the Tevis Cup endurance race. This year, she will ride Bluff. Fortier Ad Metam! (Finish Strong!) Photo courtesy of NeeCee Lane.
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