Trinidad Kiwanis get ready to smash some cars

Trinidad Kiwanis get ready to smash some cars

by David J. Santivestan Jr.

TRINIDAD — The Kiwanis Club of Trinidad’s once crazy and unique idea has become one of the fall season’s marquee events in Trinidad & Las Animas County. The event will once again come to a loud and crashing reality this Saturday afternoon, so get ready for some loud engines’ roars and some cars and trucks bang’n and smash’n as the Kiwanis Club of Trinidad get set to host its Annual Demolition Derby Kiwanis fundraiser in Trinidad, at the Las Animas County Fairgrounds. The day of fun starts at 2 pm this Saturday October 6.

“I really thought something like this might work in Trinidad, after I went to a demolition derby in Pueblo,” Brian Blasi of the Kiwanis Club of Trinidad and event organizer said. “The event was cool and I thought it would be a great way to raise money for our Trinidad Kiwanis Club. It gives our community a family event to go see.”

Blasi pitched the crazy idea at the local Kiwanis Club about two years ago, hoping to use a fun event like a demo day to raise money for Kiwanis Kids sponsored and run programs. He first wanted to do a 4th of July fundraiser fireworks event, but that was already in works, so he thought about the next best thing.

“I was talking to my cousins out in Kansas and found out their uncle put on demolition derby so I contacted him, and he gave me all the info on how to run a derby. Our Kiwanis Club has been so supportive; the members, both years, have done a great job in organizing, getting sponsors, and promoting the event. They all have worked hard to put this on for the community and I thank them for their dedication and hard work.”

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This year the Kiwanis have hired a contractor to put the demolition derby on. All vehicles that participate in the derby are inspected and judged to make sure they’re safe for all competitors and spectators.

There are four divisions: the mini-car division, the regular car division, the truck, and SUV division, and the Powder Puff division, a women’s race. ”Last year there were 44 cars. Blasi expects a lot more to participate in this year’s event.

Kiwanis Club organizers will also partner with local fire departments and the Trinidad Ambulance District to make sure they’re on site for the whole event. About 1,000 people watched last year’s derby. This year there will be around 30 Kiwanis Club member volunteers, community volunteers, and a good number of sponsors helping out, along with those helping to remove cars from the arena.

Tickets are on pre-sale for $10. Check out the Trinidad Event Facebook page, e-mail Blasi at, or call him at 719-253-2163. You can also buy your tickets the day of the event for $15 each. There will also be a $2 parking fee.