Trinidad Youth Club at TLACC Luncheon

Trinidad Youth Club at TLACC Luncheon

Pizza, professions, and plans

Joy Gipson

TRINIDAD — The Trinidad Youth Club, TYC, announced their upcoming ‘take & bake’ pizza business opening soon at 829 Arizona Street in Trinidad. On July 18, Carlos Lopez, Founder and Director of the club and Sadie Brown, Club Administrator, gave a presentation at the Trinidad & Las Animas County Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon to announce their business venture that they believe will help make the club financially solvent, plus offer job and business skills to Youth Club members. Because these fresh pizzas will be assembled and sold uncooked, customers will be able to buy them with their EBT cards and take them home to pop in their oven.

It is part of TYC’s mission to help educate members and instill in them the vision of what it is to be a contributing and productive member of society by exposing them to a variety of job opportunities in the community. The club has taken children on a series of field trips and has had guest speakers give presentations to the children on what it’s like to work in various professions. Law enforcement officers, first responders, members of the military, employees of local government and the power company, a businessperson who runs a yoga studio, and many other professionals have met with the children. The club provides classes in money management and how to balance a checkbook, as well.

The club balances out the serious side of life with fun activities like horseback riding, roller skating, swimming, cheer leading, and many other entertaining activities. The TYC is located at 204 E. Kansas Street. For more information or how to sponsor Youth Club activities and their pizza business, call 719-422-8090, or visit them on facebook. Please support the Trinidad Youth Club….. and eat more pizza.

Carlos Lopez, director and founder of the Trinidad Youth Club, wearing a TYC pizza apron, announces the club’s new ‘take & bake’ pizza shop opening soon at 829 Arizona Street. Photo by Joy Gipson