Want to be smarter?

Want to be smarter?

Angel Fire concert series offers a chance to test “The Mozart Effect” theory

by Mary-Ann Brandon

ANGEL FIRE — Have you ever attended a classical music concert and found yourself feeling more intellectually curious and/or mentally stimulated afterwards? It is a phenomenon that I have experienced on numerous occasions but until recently I hadn’t really explored if there existed any science to back up my observations. Thanks to the opportunity to write about the upcoming Music from Angel Fire concert series; my research allowed me to stumble upon a most fascinating scientific study.

In the early 1990s a French researcher by the name of Dr. Alfred Tomatis was exploring the concept that music, and specifically the music of Mozart, might promote healing and the development of the brain. In 1993, a formal study was conducted that showed an increase in “abstract spatial reasoning” after listening to Mozart. By 1997, Don Campbell authored a book entitled “The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit.” Campbell’s bold assertion was that the Mozart piano concertos might cause a temporary increase in IQ functioning. Other studies found an increase in spatiotemporal reasoning. Many subsequent, scholarly studies have been conducted, some largely corroborating the initial studies, others a providing controversy by refuting the “effect.”

A purely anecdotal observation on my part is that I have always felt somehow more intellectually awake after experiencing a great classical concert (my experience has not been limited to Mozart).

With all this said, thanks to the upcoming Music from Angel Fire 2018 Festival, you will have the opportunity to attend six concerts in Angel Fire (August 18, 19, 22, 24, 30 and September 1), three concerts in Taos (August 17, 23 and 25) and single concerts in Las Vegas August 26 and Raton August 28. The opening evening (August 17) offers up the music of Mozart in case you find yourself intrigued by the notions put forth. Here lies a great opportunity to test the theory.

I suggest amusing yourself by taking an online IQ test right before and right after attending the concerts. Why not, what could it hurt? What if you or your kids wind up being smarter as a result?

Details about these concerts can be found at the festival website www.MusicFromAngelFire.org/ or by phone at 575-377-3233.